UI/UX Design

UI/UX design services

Powered by first-class specialists, Yellow provides you with top-notch UI and UX design services for web and mobile applications. We know how to efficiently engage your audience with your product. The project’s architecture and user needs are our top priorities that allow us to organize clear logical user flows to get a unique interface.

UX & UI design services

Successful UI/UX design is a result of mixing up art, technology, experience, strategy, and engineering. Here are the UI and UX services our team can assist you with.

Web app design

Creative and understandable website design significantly increases the chances of a visitor taking the target action we need. There must be no extra distractions that will influence the website navigation. The design’s role is to create a likable atmosphere for the selected product or service and encourage users to make a choice.

Mobile app design

Mobile UX design defines the correct user flow of the app. How many actions will the user take to reach what they want? What additional features will they face on this path (read reviews, specifications, check photos, rate, watch ads)? How to combine all this and not confuse the user? Our team can answer these questions.

our process

Providing high-quality UI/UX design services is impossible without an established and well-structured process. Some stages can be omitted depending on the starting point, but our full process looks like that:

UX Research

This is the first step in our UX process; we will identify, define and prioritize user goals to determine success for your product. We use various research methods to do this.

Personas & Scenarios

After understanding your users, we will create realistic user personas based on actual customer data. These are the archetypal persons that represent user types with specific goals and motivations.

User Flow

After creating several initial user paths, we’ll test them out with real customers; if they are successful, we’ll iterate until you have a user flow that works.

Interaction Design

We will work with you to define and implement your product’s interaction design. This includes information hierarchy, interactive elements, and smooth transitions between different states in the product’s life cycle.

Wireframes & Prototypes

These are the blueprint of your website or app – if it doesn’t work, then everything will come crashing down around you! We’ll create wireframes to illustrate the site structure and page hierarchy which help visitors navigate through your product

Usability testing / Heuristic evaluation

We’ll determine if our designs match the initial research and create a set of test scenarios for your product to see what users can do easily and what they can’t.


Popular Question From Clients

What is the difference between UI and UX?

UI design stands for User Interface and means the series of visual elements—screens, pages, buttons, icons, text blocks, color palettes, even sounds—that users perceive when they interact with the product.

UX, or User Experience, shows how a user is going to interact with an app and includes utility, ease of use, and efficiency.

Why do you call them “custom”?

Custom UX and UI are created from scratch and focused on problem-solving. Its goal is to resolve a user’s pain point by providing them with a suitable solution. The pain points are discovered via research of the target audience and their needs.